Announcing a multimedia parrot club
that will change your parrot's life forever...

"My Friends Laughed At My Failure
To Teach My Parrot To Talk... But Their Laughter Turned To Shock Once I Learned The Secrets In These Videos!"

Finally Revealed! After Living With Parrots For Over 25 Years And Writing Articles For Bird Talk Magazine, Under The Radar "Bird Lady" Breaks Her Silence And Finally Reveals Her Parrot Talking Strategies (That Anyone Can Follow) To Teach Parrots to Talk... No Matter What Birds You Have In Your Home... How Much Experience You Have Dealing With Birds Or Their Age!

Inside The 'Elite Parrots Club' You Can Learn How To Teach Your Parrot To Talk; How To Teach Your Parrot To Fly; How To Make Your Parrot Perform Any Tricks "On Command"; And The Bird Training Secrets To Quickly Stop Your Parrot From Biting, Screaming and Feather Plucking!


From: from frederico
Date: Friday, July 29, 2016
Subject: Does your parrot talk?

       Dear Friend,

      If you want to learn the parrot talking secrets of the "pros" so that your parrot can learn to speak dozens of words (or complete sentences) that will amaze your friends and family... then this is going to be the most exciting letter you'll ever read!

Here's why:

      All "ELITE" members can access our super-exclusive and private Elite Parrots Club where you can access the "Bird Lady Parrot Talking system". This is a speech training system made for both "regular" and "advanced" bird owners, so you can quickly learn the pros' secrets to...

     - Easily start teaching your parrot to talk, sing or whistle!

      No matter your parrot's personality, or how old he is, we promise to "take your parrot by the hand" and transform your parrot into the happiest, healthiest and most loving bird that you have ever dreamed of!

       Forget reading other boring parrot training manuals! By the time you fully watch the parrot talking videos inside, you'll know more about teaching your parrot to speak than most of the so called "pros"...

Get a multimedia parrot talking system
proven to work for over 24 years
with many different size birds!

         Inside the Elite Parrots Club you get step-by-step online streaming videos about teaching your parrot to talk; and professional one-on-one coaching advice from the "Bird Lady" regarding your parrots...

  • Care
  • Diet
  • Behaviors
  • Health
  • Safety
  • Toys
  • Taming
  • Trick Training
  • And Training issues.
      Each breakthrough parrot training, taming and talking video contains amazing training techniques so advanced, most parrot owners don't even know they exist.

      In the live recorded videos where we have caught the "Bird Lady" on tape,
you can now access a masterpiece compilation of the exact parrot training, taming and talking secrets she has used over the course of 24+ years with the many birds she has raised including... Sun Conures, Cockatiels, Budgies and many others!

    This system works with small, medium and large parrot species, and we guarantee you can learn the hidden secrets of teaching your parrot to talk instead of scream ... and... by working only 20 minutes a day!

You can even learn how to stop your parrot from doing those annoying behaviors like parrot biting, screaming and feather plucking. We have recorded a 60 minutes audio interview with the "Bird Lady" on these same topics.

Why should you listen to the "Bird Lady"?
She only preaches what she practices...
... for over 19 years!

Here are 4 powerful reasons why you should listen to the "Bird Lady"....

  • Reason #1: She has owned parrots for over 30 years! Beginning with a budgie, then a cockatiel who was tame and talked, and a sun conure!
  • Reason #2: In 1982 she found Bird Talk magazine and later her input to Bird Talk magazine was published on several occasions!
  • Reason #3: During the last 24 years she taught many of her parrots and parrots from other owners to TALK!
  • Reason #4: During the last 6 years she consulted over 800 parrot owners from over 17 different countries world-wide.


    The "Bird Lady" with
  her Sun Conure

nora cockatiel

   The "Bird Lady" with
her first Cockatiel! 

     Look, your friends won't laugh.

    They'll applaud you! Imagine the looks of shock and amazement in their eyes when they listen to your parrot's ability to talk. Or imagine your JOY when you finally see a happy trained bird in your home who no longer bites you!

Learn the speech training methods of the pros
to quickly teach your parrot to talk!

     Here's what you receive when you access the Elite Parrots Club... as an ELITE member:

Elite Parrots Club Membership

It's a virtual goldmine of bird information.

You can access 33 online videos and over 70 articles made for "regular bird owners" and easily "spy" on the "Bird Lady" recorded videos via streaming from any computer – including from your home or work office!

In fact, here are some of the jealously guarded parrot talking secrets you can digest inside the Elite Parrots Club videos library - and its associated articles - when you upgrade to an ELITE member today...

Discover the absolute best TIME of day to begin training your parrot!

Here's the BEST age to start training your bird!

The amazingly simple way you must speak to your parrot to make him speak ANY word or sentence you want!

How to teach your parrot to imitate human sounds and use words in context!

The #1 reason why most parrots FAIL to talk!

Do talking parrots really understand what they are saying?

What type of words you should start out teaching to your parrot!

A deadly sign to watch out for that won't make your parrot interested in speaking... ANY word!

Why it's crucial to know what time of day parrots are most active!

How often should you train your parrot to talk! (Note: very long sessions can prove counterproductive for your bird!)

What are the most talented parrots when it comes to speech so you can know if the parrot you're buying will be a potential natural-talker or not... before you take him home!

How to find speech attributes commonly seen in your parrot species so that your bird actually wants to speak - making your job easy!

The #1 action you MUST pursue to ensure consistent speech training! (This is where 95% of parrot owners go wrong when teaching their birds to talk!)

Learn a super-effective, advanced technique on how to stop your parrot from saying any bad words! (Hey, perhaps former owners didn't use very nice language!)

Parrot talking case study: How Peter Sotiriadis from Australia taught his parrot to say the word "Hello" only 15 days after he joined the Elite Parrots Club.

Let us "take your bird by the hand" and show you step-by-step, easy ways to make your parrot talk, sing or even whistle!

    No matter what age your parrot is.

    No matter how nervous your bird behaves.

    I guarantee you this breakthrough Parrot Talking System can show you the pros' secrets to start teaching your parrot to talk. You don't even have to take my word. Here are the results from some of our members:

"Mine only said Pretty Bird and now she
even whistles
, I am very impressed!' Mary
TerHaar, owner of Cracker, a sun conure
and Holley, a sulfer-crested cockatoo

"I needed help with my abused parrot and had no one in my town that knew anything about cockatoos. I had to drive 50 miles to get any answers and even then it was not always worth the hassle of driving that far.

She was so abused that I was sure I was going to have to put her to sleep due to the fact that she bit everyone. The insight that I have gotten from Elite Parrots Club has helped me with my abused cockatoo. This site helped me work with my parrot to understand her moods and habits.

We still have some issues to work on but for now at least she is able to be handled. She has come a long ways and with the EPC's help I am sure we can get my parrot to be a happy parrot again.

EPC has done wonders with teaching owners how to train their birds. Mine only said pretty bird and now she even whistles. I am very impressed! I really like that you don`t only stick to one type of bird but that EPC has information about all our feathered friends."

- Mary TerHaar, USA

"Overnight has shown new beauty, courage, and has talked to us more than ever.",
Paul Higginbotham, conure owner.

"I want to thank you so much for the sharing of your information and talent that has been given to me and my conure, Pete. It is really super stuff.

And I thought I knew everything about birds... Well
I am very impressed. Overnight he has exhibited new beauty and courage and has talked to us more than ever. I will be looking forward to more information and training tips. The info you offer is invaluable.

Thanks again,"

- Paul Higginbotham, Conure owner

"My Honduras Amazon has a vocabulary of at least 100 words. He has taken individual words and made his own sentences. Some of them are quite hilarious..." Melonie Leonard,
owner of a blue-crown Honduras Amazon, Kermit and an umbrella cockatoo

"With the information and tools I have been given through the Elite Parrots Club, I have been able to free my parrots from their cages and they've become loving members of the family.

Instead of unhappy, screaming birds, I now have two "children" who are inquisitive, happy, healthy, and well adjusted.

I definitely recommend anyone who has a parrot should join the Elite Parrots Club to educate themselves on how to make their birds happy and healthy.

The Club also makes you aware of the many myths that circulate and what to avoid. You too can change your bad-tempered bird into a happy member of your family. It has given me patience and tools to work with my parrots in getting them to talk.

My Honduras Amazon, who is 9-years-old, has a vocabulary of at least 100 words. He has taken individual words and made his own sentences. Some of them are quite hilarious -- especially when he asks if I am being a "good/bad bird". Yes, he says good and bad together!

I am still working with my Umbrella Cockatoo to get her to say more than hello and her name. I know with what I have learned, she too will one day be a talker.

I like that you give me the tools needed to learn how to work with my birds instead of telling me what is going to work. It has allowed me to choose the tools that work the best for me.

I would like if any of my words could possibly inspire another person to look further into the Elite Parrots Club and then become another satisfied bird-lover."

- Melonie Leonard, USA

"He has achieved a much larger
vocabulary and talks on command now!"
Cheryl Sterner, owner of 2 macaws, Janie
and Calypso, an umbrella cockatoo, Koko,
a Myers parrot, PJ and a sun conure, Junior

"My parrots have acheived a lot from my membership in the Elite Parrots Club.

The tips that you give have helped me to get my Umbrella Cockatoo to stop screaming and also helped with my parrot that has allergies.

Even though my parrot talked some when we got him, he has achieved a much larger vocabulary and talks on command now.

I watch all of the videos that are available. The club has given me a great insight into how to help keep my parrots healthy and happy."

- Cheryl Sterner, USA

   Best of all, you can check out this Parrot Talking System for 60 days risk-free. You get an all-access pass to all the parrot talking videos, training and taming audios and articles for 60 days risk-free... But I'll let you know more about this later.

A multimedia parrot club that will
change your parrot's life forever!

   "Spy" on the "Bird Lady" recorded videos from any computer you want... learn at your own pace and you won't ever feel overwhelmed. In fact, once you become an ELITE member of the Elite Parrots Club you'll...

  1. Learn how to handle your parrot problems better. (No more silly mistakes!)
  2. Save tons of money on parrot toys, food and other materials. (Extra money you get right into your wallet!)
  3. Perhaps get an awesome talking parrot around you. (While increasing the bond with your bird at the same time!)

... And I am sure you'll no longer need to call a hundred people from the yellow pages, or even the zoo to solve your bird problems! In summary, here's what you'll access inside:

Benefit #1: Parrot Talking, Training & Trick Training System ($75 value)

See the "Bird Lady" caught on tape. Watch her instructional videos, and read her associated articles on several bird topics like:

- Speech Training

- Safety and First Aid!

- Parrot Training!

- Health and Disorders!

- Hand Feeding!

- Choosing the Right Bird!

- Using Parrot Toys!

- Housing Issues (cages)!

- Bird Diet Issues!

- Hobby Breeding!

- And Trick Training


Lets expand the REAL benefits you get based on the most popular topics:

Speech Training: How To Teach Your Parrot to Talk

- Your foundation: Learn the basic steps of speech training!
- How to teach your bird to say easy words like "hi" or "hello"!
- The hidden secrets to teaching words in context!
- Learn advanced training tips to teach your parrot to sing and whistle!
- And how to teach complex parrot talking concepts like:
   - Identifying colors;
   - Differentiating between sizes, shapes or even numbers.

Parrot Training: How To Tame And Train Your Parrot

- How to stop your parrot from biting in 5 steps!
- How to teach your parrot to stop screaming in 7 steps!
- How to choose the best treat for your parrot!
- How to end feather plucking behaviour in 5 steps!
- How to get your parrot to stop avoiding other family members!
- The 4 simple elements you must focus on for the best bird taming results!
- Uncover the number one training motivator when taming parrots!
- Discover the most reliable way to quickly and easily potty train your bird!
- Do different species need to be trained differently? See the answer inside!

Trick Training: How To Teach Tricks To Your Parrot

- How to perfect the "UP" command!
- How to teach the "Shake Hands" trick!
- 10 simple steps to performing the "Bring" trick!
- The 7 steps for performing the "Turn Around" trick!
- The dead simple secrets of the "Playing Dead" trick!

Other Categories: Other Training Secrets You Can Learn Inside:

- How to provide mental and emotional stimulation to your parrot!
- A powerful and simple way to make your bird develop its preening instinct!
How to make wooden toys using household items you probably already have!
- The easy process of allowing your parrot to teach you good behaviors!
- Discover everything you ever wanted to know about your bird's blood feathers!
- Household safety: how to ensure your parrot lives a longer and healthier life!

... and here's some more:

- The ordinary vet mistake that can cost you $1,000 in bird surgeries!
- 11 things you must consider when purchasing a bird for your home!
- To breed or not to breed and how to steralize equipment!
- Top 5 reasons why your parrot must see an avian vet!
- Discover a potential parrot cage design hazard!
- How to identify gender in parrots!
- How sudden temperature changes can kill your bird in less than 10 minutes!
- How you can stop your parrot from performing any bad behavior!

... and that's scratching the surface!

Because again, you have access to a total of 33 videos and over 70 articles when you upgrade to an ELITE member!

Resources Area, FAQs Area and Product Reviews ($50 value)

- "Spy" on websites the "Bird Lady" considers her favorites. This is where you can learn about the websites and tools the "Bird Lady" uses frequently to take care of all her parrots.

- Discover the 15 most common problems people are facing in their homes on a daily basis inside the FAQs area!  

- Let the "Bird Lady" test drive parrot products available on the market before you spend a dime on expensive parrot-related products. You'll find reviews about:

- DVDs

- CDs

- Bird diapers

- Flight suits

- Perches

- Pet tents

- Parrot cages

- Parrot bracelets

- And much more


- These reviews can save you a lot of cash and might even save your parrot's life since some products are dangerous!

Your Instant Parrot Species Dictionary ($25 value)

- This dictionary includes many in-depth, well-researched articles about many different species and sub-species of parrots (large, medium and small) like:

- Amazons

- Macaws

- African Greys

- Senegals

- Conures

- Quakers

- Rosellas

- Caiques

- Pionus

- Eclectus

- Lorikeets

- Cockatiels

- Lovebirds

- And Budgies


- Learn the insider secrets about each parrot species' personalities, and how to properly handle each bird – before visiting a breeder or pet shop!

Your Elite Parrots Club Members Video Gallery ($15 value)

- Watch videos from other Elite Parrots Club members who already have talking parrots in their homes.

- Here's a video of a parrot talking sent from an Elite Parrots Club member who owns a macaw:

Talking Sequence: "Hi Doowee", "Hi", "Hello", "Hello Parrot",
"Hello Mr Macaw", "Peek a Boo", "Come Here", "Peek a Boo"!
Author: Carla Hitzer and her Blue & Gold Macaw, Doowee!

- And here are results from other members of Elite Parrots Club:

"It has given me the steps and tools that
I need in order to get my birds to talk with
step-by-step instructions." Robin Thornton,
owner of Koda and Kodi, two cockatiels.

"Because of Elite Parrots Club I have a closer bond with my "cubs". We understand each other more; its like we are speaking the same language now. Because of this there is less squawking and biting.

Elite Parrots Club has given me the steps and tools that I need in order to get my birds to talk with step-by-step instructions. They also give you tips and ideas.

I like a lot of things about Elite Parrots Club... but I really like the support. When I needed help with something or advice on something, there was always someone to help me."

- Robin Thornton, USA

"It is not just about biting and bird tricks.
It is about any question about birds that you
could have... You guys are the real deal!",
Amethyst Miller, conure owner

"I would like people to know that you guys are the real deal and really do help people. You're not just a site that gives the essential information. You also help people with real problems and you work with them no matter what the problem is.

It is not just about biting and bird tricks. It is about any question about birds that you could possibly have.

Before I found this site I was finding sites that only answered a quarter of my questions and I looked for 2 weeks... But then I found this site and you have answered every question I had and without weeks of waiting.

I never thought that I would get that much help. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you again.

Amethyst Miller USA (Pennsylvania)

"Thank you for the information about our African Grey's diet!", Jacky and her
African Grey, Smooch

"Thank you for the information about our African Grey's diet.

We were worried that she might be malnourished in some way, but you put our minds at rest with your clear and informative advice.

The next time we have a question about the world of parrots, we know where to direct it! Many thanks for your help."

Jacky Menhennet, Malta (Europe)

"He is starting to say hello..."
Sammer Al-Umrani

"Many thanks for your email support and your follow up with me to monitor the results of your proposed solution.

He has become more friendly. He is starting to say hello! And he can recognize hello from other words.
Thanks for your support."

Sammer Al-Umrani, Saudi Arabia (Asia)

" I'm finding her to be more comfortable
with me as I continue to use techniques
learned from the Club and from the videos." Pam Jenkins-Lamb, and African Grey

"Although I have always had a close, loving relationship with my African Grey "granddaughter", Patti, I have learned there is so much I didn't know about her body language, health, learning abilities, and so much more.

The Elite Parrots Club has taught me so much about those things. Patti and I are learning together and I'm finding her to be more and more comfortable with me as I continue to use techniques learned from the Club and from the videos.

She eats better, seems to be happier and more confident. I really like the consistency in providing information in different ways: e-mails, videos, links, etc. I feel that you are committed to giving me support and that is a good feeling!"

- Pam Jenkins-Lamb, USA

"I was nearly at the point of having
my parrrots re-homed... that was until
I logged onto the Elite Parrots Club."
Vicki Faulkner, owner of 2 Caiques

"As soon as I saw the 2 Black Headed Caiques in the pet shop, I knew that I had to have them.

The one thing that the owner did not
tell me was that they had a tendency to scream, screech and bite all day long.
Six months later I was nearly at the point of having them re-homed; that was until I logged onto the Elite Parrots Club.

My 9 month old parrots were so noisy that my partner and I could not even hold a conversation in the same room. One of them took a dislike to my partner and attacked him every time they were out of the cage.

We had to do something, so I searched the internet and found this web site which has been a complete godsend.

The detail that is given in the articles, reports, and Nora the Bird Lady's videos is fantastic. All the help and advice that is contained in this web site has meant that my parrots, Spike & Angel are now quiet as mice, well behaved and are enjoying life to the fullest."

- Vicki Faulkner, United Kingdom


Warning! Do NOT Buy Any Parrot Toys, 
Training DVDs Or Any Other Bird For
Your Family Until You Read This!

Here are a few reasons why the Elite Parrots Club is perfect for you - along with the Bird Lady Parrot Talking, Training And Tricks Multimedia System you can access inside.

Consider this...
  1. The best parrot talking tips come from people who have actually trained, tamed and taught their own pet birds to talk. Books have a tendency to be specific to breeds and breed behaviors.

  2. Each bird is really an individual and all the rules can be broken. People have different ways of relating to their birds. Different owners will receive different tips depending on their
    own circumstances with this club.

  3. Your parrot is NOT just a pretty, exotic decoration. The real benefits from having a parrot come from the connection you have with your bird. We can help you deepen that bond with all the training, taming and tricks content we share inside.

  4. Pet parrots that become parents often become untamed. The "Bird Lady" knows how to keep pet parrots as breeders that, when not sitting eggs or caring for babies, are still very tame.

  5. You should be given dedicated support with real parrot experts. Including how to overcome your most difficult to solve parrot care problems. That's why you'll be able to interact with the "Bird Lady" via email for 365 days and enjoy the benefits of her long years (24+) of bird experience!

... And I guarantee you'll improve your ability to teach your parrot to talk as you follow the "Bird Lady" through ONE-ON-ONE training tips, advice, and coaching via email.

This club allows you to teach your parrot to talk; and learn tips to tame and train your parrot to stop annoying bird behaviors like biting, screaming and feather plucking.

"I have learned a lot about our feathered
buddies... Many healthy ideas to make our
birds happy, comfortable and sociable.", Laurie Hoegsted and her umbrella cockatoo

"I found the articles on our buddies very helpful; especially those about feeding, grooming, feather plucking, wing and nail trims, teaching tricks, safety and many others.

I really like that there are complete answers available to other bird owners' questions. There are times things come up and we don't know what to do, then bingo, there's the answer from the club.

When we share our experiences we find sooooo many healthy ideas to make our birds happy, comfortable and sociable."

- Laurie Hoegsted (Mississippi, USA)

"You are doing a great job at providing
bird owners with the useful resources they
need to be a successful 'parent'", Cheryl
Hindsley, owner of a macaw named Blue

"The Elite Parrots Club has given me more than enough information concerning how to properly care for my macaw. Initially, I was only interested in finding articles concerning screaming parrots.

I found the articles at EPC were very helpful. There are so many useful resources for any questions anyone could have. It has taught me how to be thorough with my macaw and how to get him to start saying certain words.

I love the fact that you have so many places on the website to pull up articles and even a place to see how others have trained their birds. You are doing a great job at providing bird owners with the useful resources they need to be a successful 'parent'."

- Cheryl Hindsley, USA

"YIPEE!!! I did I did exactly as you told me
and before long she tried the foods
Soo, Galah Cockatoo owner

"Hi Nora

YIPPEE!!!! I've done it!

Yes, Alia now eats banana, butternut squash, and corn on the cob and it's all thanks to you! It took some doing but I've done it!

I did exactly as you told me and before long she tried the foods
! Thank you soooo much!

I'm still a bit concerned about her biting but I've read the 1hr 45min conference call the three of you made about biting and it helped a lot.

I have studied her habits and discovered that she bites when I want her to do something that she doesn't want to do. Now I can work with her on that problem, too!

Thank You Again."

- Soo, United Kingdom

"It's very informative & I have learned a lot
from the informative articles." Stacey Wolfe,
owner of a goffin cockatoo named Baby

"I always find something of interest when I visit the site online. It's very informative & I have learned a lot from the informative articles."

- Stacey Wolfe, USA

"I have received a lot of information, being
a new parrot owner... well rounded topics."
Melba Shaw, owner of a blue and gold macaw

"I have received a lot of information, being a new parrot owner... well rounded topics. We are still working on teaching our parrot to talk.

Enjoy seeing how others work with their parrots when training them and teaching them to talk. I pick up pointers."

- Melba Shaw, USA

"You are really doing Justice to the Bird World and I'm sure will be one of the best to educate people.", Ginny, owner of 12 parrots!

"The research that you do and share with everyone is outstanding! I enjoy reading about your work.

I have 12 parrots ranging from lovebirds to B&G macaws (2) and I have taken care of these birds for 8 years now.

I bought all of them as babies. Quite a commitment. You are really doing justice to the bird world and I'm sure will be one of the best to educate people."

- Ginny Runyan (USA)

Here's What You Can Instantly Access
When You Join The "Elite Parrots Club"!

     In summary, here's what you get as an Elite Parrots Club lifetime member:

Component #1:
Component #2:
Component #3:
Component #4:
Component #5:
Component #6:
Component #7:

Parrot Talking, Training & Tricks System
Parrot Owners Videos Gallery
Your Parrot Resources Area
Your Parrot FAQ Area
Your Product Reviews Area
Your Parrot Species Dictionary
"Bird Lady" Email Coaching For 365 Days
Total Value


That's a Total Value of $225 You Get Today!

       If you were to buy a book or hire a parrot expert to share all these parrot secrets in LIVE recorded videos, it would cost you...

  • $50 in parrot training DVD's and CD's;
  • $50-$100 per hour to consult with a bird expert;
  • Or hundreds of dollars to produce bird training videos;
       Now, since you are be able to access this Parrot Talking, Training and Tricks System straight from the net – I have no overhead or warehousing costs - I am happy to announce you can join as an ELITE member and get a lifetime membership for only $97.00 $47.77!

And you know $47.77 is peanuts compared to the value you are getting today.

This unique parrot club you can access from any computer will give you the proper coaching to quickly and easily teach your parrot to talk, sing or whistle! You'll develop a strong bond with your bird, that's fun for both you and your parrot.

Plus, many other club members have paid as much as $97-$147 to access the same information you can get your hands on here today.

I truly believe this club will help you raise the healthiest, happiest and most beautiful parrot in your family that will be the envy of your friends.

But I don't just believe that.

I guarantee it!

Upgrade your membership to an ELITE member today and join the Elite Parrots Club. Watch the parrot speech training videos. Read all of the "Bird Lady" parrot training, tricks, diet and house safety articles that go along with each video.

Find the tips that will help you teach your parrot to talk. And if you ever don't think that being a member of our club was worth your time and money... if for any reason you're not happy, then we will refund you every penny:

Your 100% Satisfaction,
Full 60-Day Money Back

     Here's our guarantee ...

      Try each and every bird training technique the Bird Lady outlines in this Parrot Talking, Training And Tricks System for an entire 60 days (that's 8 full weeks) for only $97.00 $47.77 .

     If you're overjoyed with the parrot talking, training and trick training videos you'll see - like I know you will be – then do nothing and you'll be billed a one-time payment of $97.00 $47.77 today.

      Now, if for any reason you do not absolutely love being a member, send us an email at by the end of the first 60 days after you've joined... and we will refund you every penny you've paid!

Claim Your Elite Parrots Club Lifetime Membership In The Next 5 Minutes...

     If you want to tame, train and teach your parrot to talk, starting right now, with the Elite Parrots Club videos, audios and articles, here's how you join. You can start right now by simply clicking the link below to start your Elite Parrots Club enrollment process. It's that easy.

     Remember: If you're not thrilled with the Elite Parrots Club videos, and articles just send an email within the next 60 days, and we will refund your money.

One final word...

      Now that I've shown you a surefire way to tame, train and teach your parrot to talk, the next move is up to YOU.

      I really mean it! If you've read this far, you know you have a strong desire to develop a solid bond with your parrot. All that's left is to take the action to do it.

      If you want to...

  • Listen to your bird say dozens of words, months from today...
  • Discover NEW training techniques to apply to your parrot...
  • Or stop pulling your hair out because of those annoying behaviors like biting, screaming or feather plucking…

     ... Then, you owe it to yourself to take full advantage of this offer.

     So do yourself and your bird a favor. Don't delay any further. Every moment that passes by may be another lost moment of pure playfulness and amusement with your "champ".

  See you on the other side,


P.S. Still skeptical? I completely understand. The Elite Parrots Club is the only private club — perhaps the only source! — with this kind of comprehensive parrot talking, training and tricks information.

Subscribe today. You won't regret it. Click here now to join.
P.P.S. Remember: If you're not thrilled with the Elite Parrots Club videos, audios and articles just send us an email within the next 60 days, and we will refund your money. Click here right now to submit your order online... .